How do I build UWPX



  1. Once you have successfully install Visual Studio 2019 open it and select the Clone or check out code.

  2. Now visit the UWPX GitHub repository and click on Clone or download. Then click the copy icon to copy the git repository url.

  3. Switch back to Visual Studio and paste the repository url into the appropriate textbox. Once done click on Clone and Visual Studio will clone the repository for you.

Starting the solution

  1. Once Visual Studio finished cloning, it will show you the Solution Explorer. There click on Switch Views to switch from the folder view to the project view.

  2. This should open a new dialog where you can select the solution you want to switch to. Click on the UWPX solution (UWPX-Client.sln) to open it.

  3. The last step is to build and run the solution. For this select your target architecture and click on the green arrow to run it.